Docker for Web Developers

Docker for Web Developers

By Craig Buckler

Learn Docker in 24 hours

An easy-to-follow book & video course demonstrating how to create practical web development environments on Windows, macOS, & Linux using Docker.

  1. 200-page book in several formats
  2. 90 minutes of video tutorials
  3. source code for use in your projects
  4. private chat room for help and support
  5. ongoing updates as Docker evolves

plus your country's sales tax where applicable

“Docker for Web Developers converted me. Docker seemed overly complex but you demystified it very well – thanks!”
Lukas White, UK web developer

Why you need Docker #

Docker is a software management tool which will revolutionise your web projects. Its benefits include:

Install project dependencies in minutes #

Docker can install, configure, manage, and remove any software your project requires. That could include web servers, language runtimes, frameworks, databases, and more.

Dependencies are lightweight & isolated #

Other than disk space, Docker-controlled applications do not change your PC. Multiple or legacy versions of the same software can be run at the same time without conflicts, e.g. MySQL 5 and 8. Dependencies can be started, stopped, removed, or reinstalled at any time.

Your applications become portable #

Your project and its dependencies can be distributed to other development machines and production servers. It will work identically, even on different Operating Systems where that software is not natively supported.

Docker ends those “but it works on my PC” complications!

Use your existing tools & workflows #

You and other developers can continue to use whatever software you prefer. It does not matter whether you’re using Windows, macOS, Linux, specific IDEs, or other tools. Docker provides all the benefits of local development and debugging.

Deployments become faster & more robust #

Docker can scale your application according to demand and keep it running if instances fail.

Despite these benefits, Docker is often shunned by web developers.

Docker is the most useful web development tool you’re not using

It’s considered too technical, unnecessary, or something for DevOps experts. Terminology and resources can be impenetrable and tutorials rarely explain how to use Docker during development.

Until now…

“Docker for Web Developers” is a book and video course which shows you how to build fast development environments using jargon-free practical examples. The course is aimed at web developers with no previous knowledge of Docker.

You’ll be launching Docker within minutes and can progress at your own pace.

“I knew the sum total of nothing about Docker a month ago. I certainly didn’t appreciate what it could do for the average web developer.”
Ben Frain, UK web developer

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plus your country's sales tax where applicable

Risk free #

The course comes with a full money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. You have nothing to lose!