Docker for Web Developers

Docker & course FAQs

The following frequently-asked questions should answer most queries, but please contact me to find out more.

Why should I learn Docker?

Docker makes application development easier and more robust. You'll save time and never need to worry about installing software or managing conflicts again.

It'll also give you a valuable technical skill. Your market value will be considerably increased!

Do other developers use Docker?

They should. I don't say that lightly: Docker is the only tool I'd consider for every project.

However, Docker is often avoided because it's relatively new and seems to have a steep learning curve. Like Git, Docker has many options but you'll rarely use the majority. This course concentrates on the most practical concepts.

Do I need to be a web developer?

The course uses web projects to explain Docker but the concepts apply to other development technologies.

It may also be useful to those in related IT roles, such as software testers, quality assurance, systems administrators, and operations managers.

Do I need to know specific languages or technologies?


The course provides example projects which refer to JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB etc. but you don't need to understand the code or have experience with those technologies. All Docker concepts apply to whatever stack you're using.

How do I read the book?

The book is supplied in three formats:

How do I watch the videos?

You stream them online in your web browser. They're viewable on desktop or mobile devices and available from anywhere.

What video quality can I expect?

The videos were recorded at 1080p (1920 x 1080 resolution) using a professional microphone. Text and code is enlarged so you can watch videos on a phone or smaller browser window.

The example videos are hosted on YouTube – the course itself has better quality.

Can I download the videos?

If you're buying copies for lots of people in your organisation, contact me and I'll provide downloads.

Where can I get the sample code?

The code used throughout the book and videos is provided as a ZIP file but you can also download or clone it from the GitHub repository.

Can I use the sample code in my projects?

Absolutely! Please remember me when you make your first million!

Where can I get further support?

Your purchase includes an access registration link to the course chat room. This provides a number of channels where you can ask questions.

Alternatively, please contact me about personalized one-on-one Docker training and support.

Will the course be updated if Docker changes?

Yes – for at least two years after launch. You'll be alerted about updates and can download resources again.

How much does it cost?

$99 US dollars for the full book and video course.

Your country's sales tax for digital services will be added where applicable. Please note this may differ from ebook tax because you're receiving additional products such as the code and support chat room.

Can I purchase the books or videos separately?

Yes, but I recommend buying both. The book contains more information and reference materials, but some concepts may be easier to follow on video.

Is that a one-off charge?

Yes, that's it. Pay once and you have the course forever.

Is there a discount for bulk or team purchases?

Sure – contact me with the number of copies you need.

How do I pay?

It takes less than a minute to sign-up.

You can safely pay by credit card, most debit cards, and PayPal. Prices are charged in US dollars which are converted to your currency by your payment provider.

A "Gumroad" transaction will be shown on your statement.

Are payments secure?

Yes. I use Gumroad, a market leader in the selling and distribution of digital products.

I don't know your payment details and Gumroad does not store them. Even if your account - or Gumroad itself - were compromised, nobody would gain access to your payment data. Safe buying on Gumroad…

Are my details kept private?

Yes. See the strict privacy policy and the Gumroad privacy policy.

Can I get a VAT/sales tax receipt?

Yes. Enter your business ID on the payment form or click the receipt link in your purchase email.

Is the course available in my language?

It's English with US spellings. I have a reasonably clear neutral British accent, but see the book excerpts and videos to check!

Is the course available in my country?

Probably. You can buy in more than 160 countries, but contact me directly if you have any problems in your location.

Can I sell or share the course with others?

Please don't!

Each copy is licensed to an individual person. Contact me to become an affiliate and earn money by promoting the course.

What if I don't like the course?

I want you to be completely satisfied and excited about using Docker in your web projects. If not, contact me with your feedback and you'll get a full refund.

I'm convinced!

That's great, thank you! Buy the "Docker for Web Developers" book and/or video course today…

plus your country's sales tax where applicable