Docker for Web Developers

Is this Docker course for you?

“Docker for Web Developers” illustrates the benefits of using Docker in your web projects. Within minutes, you’ll be creating robust environments with all the software dependencies you need while retaining all the benefits of local coding.

The course is desiged for developers at all levels of experience. You need no previous knowledge of Docker, but a basic understanding of how web technologies mesh together is useful:

If you’ve ever built a web page, you know enough to get started with Docker.

You’ll be using a code editor and the command line. Any appropriate software on Windows 10, mac OS, or Linux should be suitable.

Do I need to know specific languages or technologies? #


The course provides example projects which use JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB etc. but you don’t need to understand the code or have experience with those technologies. All Docker concepts apply to whatever development technologies you’re using.

you don’t need to know any particular technology – all Docker examples can be adapted to your own stack

Docker makes it easy to use software without introducing issues or clashes on your development PC:

experimentation becomes risk-free with Docker

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