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Craig Buckler


I’m Craig Buckler, a freelance UK web developer and technical author.

I’ve worked on the web for more than twenty years creating successful projects for organisations of all sizes.

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Why did I create a Docker course? #

When I first encountered Docker, it seemed like an unnecessary and somewhat daunting hurdle. I had plenty of experience running VMs and configuring software dependencies – surely I didn’t need it?

The documentation is comprehensive but Docker has a steep learning curve.

Other Docker courses and tutorials can be frustrating. They often:

  1. pad content and take too long to get to the point

  2. presume the reader fully understands all Docker jargon

  3. fail to explain or over-explain esoteric points, and

  4. rarely advise how to use Docker during development.

    When I started, I presumed Docker couldn’t handle dynamic application restarts or debugging. Tutorials often claimed every code change required a slow and cumbersome application rebuild.

I gave up.

I was eventually shown the light by another developer (thanks Glynne!) I dived deep into Docker and I realised what I’d been missing.

“Docker for Web Developers” is the course I wanted when I started using Docker

The course concisely explains the benefits of Docker then jumps straight in with real-world examples and development projects using a variety of technologies. You’ll be running Docker in minutes and will learn the core concepts quickly.

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