Docker for Web Developers

An introduction to Docker: LIVE training course

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Docker training on Zoom

“An Introduction to Docker” is a hands-on one-day course split over two half-days:

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Who is the course for? #

The course is aimed at developers, DevOps professionals, and IT managers who want to learn more about Docker or improve their application development and deployment processes.

The course specifically refers to web technologies but the Docker concepts can be applied to any stack.

What will you get? #

All participants receive:

  1. A full day of Docker training split over two sessions.
  2. Videos of recorded Zoom sessions for playback after the event.
  3. Course handouts.
  4. Sample code for use in your own projects.
  5. A discounted copy of the “Docker for Web Developers” book & video course.
  6. A certificate of attendance.
  7. Knowledge which will change your approach to application development forever!

Why should you learn Docker? #

Docker can revolutionise project development and deployment.

  1. Install project dependencies in minutes
    Docker can install and manage all the software your project requires.

  2. Dependencies are lightweight and isolated
    Other than disk space, your PC is not changed. Multiple or legacy versions of the same software can be run concurrently without conflicts. Dependencies can be started, stopped, removed, or reinstalled at any time.

  3. Applications become portable
    Your project and its dependencies can be distributed to other development machines and production servers. It will work identically even when some software is not supported on that OS. Docker ends “but it works on my PC” complications!

  4. Continue to use your existing OS, tools, and workflows
    Developers can continue to use their preferred tools. It does not matter whether they are using Windows, macOS, Linux, or specific IDEs – Docker provides all the benefits of local development and debugging.

  5. Deployments become faster and more robust
    Docker can scale your application according to demand and keep it running if instances fail.

What do you need? #

To attend the course, you require:

  1. A device with a stable internet connection to join the Zoom call. Connection assistance will be available during each session.

If you would like to follow the hands-on examples and run Docker on your PC, you will also require:

  1. A modern PC running a recent edition of Windows 10/11, mac OS, or Linux (ideally a Debian or Ubuntu-based distro).
  2. A recent installation of Docker. Further assistance will be available before and during the course.
  3. A terminal application for entering command-line instructions.
  4. A text editor such as VS Code, Atom, or Sublime Text.

What do you need to know? #

The course demonstrates example web projects using a variety of dependencies. You do not need experience of that software, but a basic understanding of web technologies is useful:

  1. web browsers
  2. language runtimes such as Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, Rust, .NET, etc.
  3. databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, etc.

Who is Craig Buckler? #

Craig Buckler

Craig is a freelance web consultant, speaker, writer, and trainer with more than twenty years in the industry. He has worked on many successful projects for organisations including Microsoft, Vodafone, Sky, the UK and European Parliaments and more.

Craig has written more than 1,200 tutorials for, created video courses for O’Reilly, and has authored many books including:

You can ask Craig anything on Twitter @craigbuckler.

How much does the course cost? #

The course is organised by Software Cornwall and is open to attendees worldwide. The final price will be published here shortly, but participants in the UK and EU are eligible for HALF PRICE TICKETS thanks to backing from The European Social Fund

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